Friday, October 27, 2006

My boobs, baby teeth and sleep deprived delerium....

I shouldn't complain or post about any of my babes sleeping or eating habits because you know full well, as soon as I post it it will all drastically change. But I'll risk it. Since about 3 months of age, KJ has pretty much co-slept full time with us. Before that he was in the bassinet right next to the bed. He takes co-sleeping very seriously, as in he will NOT FREAKIN sleep unless he's with me. So, most afternoons he's peacefully curled up against me in my lap as I waste time on the computer. (I try to fake being productive, but my DH is totally onto me. He knows I have like 50 blogs and boards I go to regularly, although I try to keep the banks webpage or something "official" looking in the bottom tray bar if I feel guilty I can click on it if he walks by. I know, it's so silly). But anyhow, its the only way the babe will nap these days. And as much as I LOVE snuggling to sleep with KJ at night and how much easier it makes nursing him at night, its been posing a lot of problems. Mainly because he nurses or least stays latched on ALL NIGHT! If I try to unlatch him and reposition myself or stretch a bit he is instantly awake and fussing for me. GAH!!! I'm like his personal binky/lovey/teething toy!! Yes, KJ is a boob man. And I've decided to just call myself "Binki", since DH and I have decided thats what I am to him now. DH reminded me that Sassy Pants was addicted to her binki/paci for 3 years and KJ is on the same path of addiction, only to my nipples!! EEK!! There's also little opportunity for anything with DH in the evenings, be it conversation or ehm...*personal time* (which is so rare with us anyway). So in desperation and sleep deprivation, we have been trying to get him more acquainted with his crib recently. He will sleep in there for DH if I'm not home, but the boy can literally SMELL me if I even walk in the door. The past few nights he's been in his crib for a good few hours and once almost all night. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I think I sleep a ton better without waking up 50 times to nurse him, repostion us, and check to make sure he's clear of all blankets, pillows etc... He's just so darned cute and precious though, I feel guilty. But I know I will cope better and be a better mom if I'm a tad more rested. Even just a few hours of stretched out, on my belly sleeping time makes a huge difference. Can I tell you how glorious it is to sleep on my belly, and to stretch all out sans worry!! Heavenly, heavenly I tell you!!! So we will see how this goes. He's starting to cut both top teeth now too, so we may have some glitches. Oh yes, that leads me to ask a question. Is too uncommon to cut both top teeth first, before ANY bottom teeth? Poor guy's gonna look kind of silly I think with just his two fronth teeth and no bottom choppers!!

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