Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Its been spring break time!!

I was hoping to do a bunch of extra fun stuff this week, since Elise doesn't have school. But alas, she came down with a mysterious fever and was pretty lethargic all day. Add cold rainy weather to that and it you don't get much motivation to do anything.

At least we sqeezed a little extra fun and outside time in on Sunday. After I slept a few hours we all went to the park and flew big, neat kite. Well....ok, so DH was really the only *successful* one flying it, but I got in the air a few times.....for a few minutes, LOL!! The kids played on the playground there and it was a nice time. We then ran to the store and got a little rotisserie chicken and some sides and had a "picnic" on the front porch. The kids were SO excited by this for some reason. I guess its just been a long winter and its just SOOOO nice to be outside.

On a total side note....I'm actually really liking the editing features that Photobucket added. I noticed some of them are still labeled Beta, but I hope they keep them (like Curves...you can adjust CURVES in PB....whoda thunk it?). I've heard lots of complaints about PB lately and I'm not sure if its just because the editing page takes longer to load or what. But for snapshot like pics I just want to tweak and post to my blog, a forum, and then send a link to family to look at, its one stop shopping...er...editing for me!!

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