Monday, April 14, 2008

Some good news today!!

Since Oct. DH has been working through a hiring/temp agency with the essential promise that he would be hired in, barring any issues with attendence or performance. Today he was told that he was one of the topics of conversation at an administrative meeting and his direct manager gave him confirmation that he would be officially hired in but the exact "conversion" date is TBA. I'm sure we'll celebrate more when we have an actual date, but this is really good news. The only drawback is that his schedule might change and that could really conflict with my work schedule, but somehow we'll deal (and maybe it will motivate me to make some changes too if needed)! I'm most eager to see the benefits info (which his manager gave him today). We currently have them through my work, but pay $400/month. I'm crossing my fingers his will be comparable in quality but cheaper than mine!!

In other bittersweet news, I've known for a few weeks now that my step-dad sold my mom's house. Tonight was probably our last dinner there all together as a family. I was horribly upset when he put it on the market and I am still emotional about it, but somehow have come to have a sense of peace about it as well. I had really hoped to buy it from him since its in a perfect location and has a great yard and space for the kids, but as time has gone on and more and more of my moms things have been removed and just isn't the same. I know a huge thing for me was the emotional attachment and wanting to hold onto my mom as much and in anyway that I could. The biggest thing holding us back from that was the reality that our current home needs a ton of work before it could even feasibly be put on the market to even cut-even and there are several homes for sale around us and sales are S-L-O-W. The other thing is that we would be the only ones on that particular side of town and even a tad bit farther from DH's family and my sisters. I think if we move it would be closer to everyone else, not farther. So anyway....on the will no longer be my mom's/step-dads house. And since he's moving in with his new wife, it will be strange and we know our relationship will change a bit too. I will really miss having that comfortable spot to gather as a family with my sisters. just really makes me miss my mom too. *sigh* I hate life changes, but I know in the end it makes us stronger right?!?!


Greg said...

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Teachermom said...

Congrats to DH on the permanent job status! I know that it must be a relief to hear it will be 'official'.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom & step-dad's house being sold. I can completely understand y our feelings; you are losing another tangible reminder of your mom, and that's got to be really tough. On the other hand, perhaps this change will mean that you or one of your sisters will be the new 'comfortable spot' in the future, and you guys can start making some new memories, too. No doubt there are always going to be things that remind you of your loss. I'm sure that is probably the hardest part of all.