Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Toddler Anatomy 102

Pre-requisite: Please finish TA 101

So this past weekend while on a little mini vacation at a hotel with an indoor water park for the kidlets, we needed to kill some time between dinner and bedtime and decided not to go back to the pool for the 20th time that day (ok, slight exaggeration), so we opted to make a run for dessert. We just picked up some McD's sundaes and brought them back to the hotel room.

As I was getting ready to give the kids each their sundaes Elise asked if I would put the peanut sprinkles on hers. Ok, no problem. So I then ask KJ if he wanted peanuts on his ice cream too.

He gives me this crazy look and says "NOOOOO-OOH" (Ok fine I thought)
Then a few seconds later he says "Peanuts....my butt!"

I NEARLY spit out MY ice cream when I realized what I asked him in "his language". Poor guy must think I'm crazy! I was LMAO though!!

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Teachermom said...

I am laughing SO HARD right now! It is especially funny with the previous story. Hilarous!

K still calls her n*pples "Nickels."