Thursday, July 03, 2008

I've got no power!!!

To my house that is!! Since Wed. afternoon when big ol' 60 mph winds and hail producing storms rolled through, we've been living like Laura and Mary Ingalls. Well, ok....not quite, since we still have indoor plumbing and running water. But thats along the lines of what I was telling Elise who was all whiny whiny that she was bored only an hour into the situation . Suddenly NONE of her toys were of interest. Oh Heavens, the TORTURE!!! No TV or Webkinz for a day (or two or three). We had to talk about what Laura and Mary Ingalls and the Amish would do all day, ha!!

I'm somewhat proud, yet embarrassed to admit that the situation actually proved to be very conducive to productivity for me. I had absolutely NO excuse to put off hand washing the big dirty pots that had been on stove for a day or more and I folded two HUGE loads of laundry after the kids went to bed that I'd been procrastinating for a long time. Then I continued on by candle light to clean out the kids playroom a bit. I'm still not done there, but it literally looked like a tornado had gone through that room before I started. It helped that I was sipping a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri mix that I "rescued" from the freezer. Of all things I couldn't let that go to waste!!

So today we realized that the phone lines are also screwed up, so we have no home phone at all. AND a HUMONGOUS tree that borders the neighbors completely uprooted and fell into their backyard. Thank goodness it didn't hit any structures. Its literally right on the property boarder, so I don't know who's responsibility its going to be to take care of it. They have not appeared to be home or at least outside to see it, so "shrug" I'm not sure what the deal will be with that. We may offer to have DH and whoever we can round up to cut it all apart for them. Or at least some of it.... The trunks (it branched out two ways, so almost like two whole trees) would make great fire wood, so thats at least a plus (for somebody). Crazy, crazy I tell you. It never seems to be dull or without some drama at our house.

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