Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So today we arrived at E's soccer practice a bit and played on a nearby playground. The field is HUGE where about 8 teams of little 4-6yr olds are divided into mini tot-sized fields. On either side of the big field are schools, each with their own playground of course. So somehow in the before-practice playtime E brought up whether or not mom and dad's butts would fit on the swings. Niiice. I told her that really wasn't an appropriate thing to talk about. Well, fast forward about 30 minutes while KJ and I are sitting along the little practice field with the other parents. He is begging me to take him to the other playground (on the other side) and I'm trying to hold him off and promise to take them when sissy is done. In a valiant effort to convince me he states "Yo butt will fit der mama". Thaaaanks buddy. I'll run right over there now, hehehe. Yeah, he totally mimics and repeats everything these days. Sometimes it super cute, other times you want to pretend your just the babysitter!

Stay tuned for some pics.....

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