Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just wanting to jot down (and share) a few other things the kids say...KJ in particular that crack us up some to which we like to assign our own definitions to go with the mispronunciations.

"Punk-quins" - Adolescent penguins that show rebellious tendencies against the colony. (Pumpkins)

"Fing"- Kind of like the word "smurf" to the Smurfs -"let me smurf you up some smurf berries...mmm....very smurfy". (Used for swing, sing, thing,...he just seems to say this A LOT).

Tonight while talking about what we were doing at bedtime he declared emphatically "Just make up my mind!" *giggle*

Tonight I was showing E a picture I took using a slow shutter speed while she was running and she looked not only blurred but ghost-ish and she declared "Hey I look almost indivisible". Heehee...hey, I'm just glad she is actually learning the Pledge of Allegiance at school.

Oh I know there were more I was gonna put down here, but they are slipping my mind- the exact reason I want to record them!

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