Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

So last night (Sunday) was the only afternoon/night of the week that DH would be home at the same time to take the kids out to get a tree. We did the whole fake vs. real debate again. For a few years we borrowed a gorgeous fake one from a good friend that took out of state contract jobs and wasn't using it. It was so full and real looking we were spoiled. Our kids want to know why Uncle Josh took "our" tree. Heehee...I had to rub this in to him. Last year we got a real one from a little corner lot set-up and it was cheap, but seriously, totally dead. Sooo....this year we went to a Tree Farm and cut our own down. I should say John did. I mostly stood around with the kids freezing, telling him to hurry up before the placed closed and we all froze to death. I learned that it took 12 YEARS to grow my tree. Hokey petes....I didn't realize it took that long. I guess other types take a little less time, like 6-7 years. But I will stop balking at forking out $40 for a good tree now. It smells wonderful too! And my dear hubby had a stoke of genious for getting the tree in the house...made possible by our new windows that actually open. Our picture window now can actually slide open. I was tickled to get the tree in without a trail of needles all the way though the house. So here are some pics of the tree picking and home bringing process.

Again you can see I did a lot of hard work to help with the tree....

John bought these obnoxiously huge LED lights (he didn't realize how big they were) for the tree. They look a little oversized, but they give a cool light show so its not all bad. We did more decorating today and I will have to take pics of the final product soon after we add tinsel and the angel.

Oh and a bonus pic of the "Sculptures" KJ drew/made for me a couple of weeks ago while I was at work and DH was in charge:

And finally I leave you with the only pic I've taken in the last three months where both kid are actually looking at the camera (and getting along).

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Kristin said...

Fun! We haven't gotten a real tree since Ethan was a baby. The pic of the kids at the end is perfect!