Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer break is over!!!

And I know I haven't posted much. I'm still spending way too much time on my parening boards and facebook. That darn Farkle!!! So in any case, I really don't feel as much *need* to blog. But then again just tonight I was looking for a picture that I knew I posted on here (to figure out which file it was in on my computer) and I browsed through the entire history of my blog. I may not have frequent entries and a few large gaps, but it dates back a few YEARS now. The most amazing and bittersweet of everything is looking at the pics of my kids and how big they are now. Man. WHERE does the time go!?! I'm going to be saying that for the next 40-50 years aren't I? It is neat to go back and read all the little things I mention about them and stories I tell. So heck...somehow I need to blog. Plus I think I can get to blogger from work and pretty much all the other sites I visit are blocked. Maybe I should try to blog on my breaks at know if I'm not already behind on charting.

So I cannot believe this summer is officially over. Elise starts school Tuesday. We have the long weekend left and then school. Crazy. She will be a first grader. We had her orientation today and visited her classroom and saw who her teacher would be. She is excited and doesn't appear nervous at all, like psht...piece of CAKE mom!

The past couple of weeks I've literally been trying to cram in as much activity and trips to parks and stuff as I can. It will be SO weird to have Elise in school all day, everyday. Last year was just 1/2 days. Poor Kaedon is going to be a little lost without her. I'm hoping to do a little bit of preschool homeschooling with him, but he doesn't seem to be interested. Hmmm....we'll see how it goes. The boy just NEEDS to learn some basic respect/listening/following direction skills or I'm going to go nuts. He still is TERRIFIED to poop on the potty for some reason. I mean literally shakes and screams and acts horrified it will hurt him. We are working on that. I forced him to sit there despite the trauma a few nights ago and he finally went on the pot. He'd been holding it for two days or more cause he'd been in underwear.

On the pooping note, we've still had bad constipation issues with Elise resulting in more UTI's and FINALLY got our long awaited (SIX MONTH WAIT) to a pediatric GI....for of COURSE the very first day of school. I will have to get her early, which will be quite hectic, but what do you do? It just irks me though. I really hope she doesn't have major issues this year at school and I'm stressed about what they are going to want me to give her. Ugh.

So as not to leave on that "crappy" note (heehee) I will post some pics from the summer (for some reason they are looking grainy and pixelated to me here):

Tired out after a long day on "vacation" at the water park.

Swimming in Lake Michigan at sunset!

Lake Michigan Sunset (@Kirk Park)

Getting ready to go fishing!

Dancing at the local botanical gardens and sculpture park!

Evidently I've reached the limit on posted pictures for my post cause it won't let me add more. I haven't done much with my Photoblog either, but I think some changes are soon to come!!

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Kristin said...

I love looking back through my blog. I do it every so often. I have even gone back to my live journal blog..which is like over 2 years ago, and have so much fun being reminded of the past! I agree..I have only posted a handful of blog posts over the summer, but it is nice to have atleast that.

Ethan is like Elise...he had no problem at school. He LOVES it. He loves getting to go through the lunch line at school and loves getting to go to Art, Music, Spanish and gym. I have found more meltdowns at home this week though..because I think he's overtired and it will take him a while to adjust to the full day of school thing. It is SO cute to watch he and Jessalyn walk into the school together in the morning!

It is forcing Luke and Owen to bond a little bit more too..which is nice. that I've officially posted the longest blog comment ever :) Oh..and I've never had blogger tell me I posted too many pics, and I often post MANY. Weird.