Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I was dreaming about this blog....

Last night I was dreaming/thinking about this long lost blog and feeling like I might want to try and start it up again. For a long while life was just too hard to write about. I was in a place where I questioned life, God, the universe and my ability to survive it all with a clear head on my shoulders. I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling more "myself" than I have in long time. Of course now I probably don't have any readers what-so-ever so I'm not sure I will be motivated enough to write for myself. Maybe I could at least aim for once a month to get started.

I know we are well into January now, but I have still been reflective on the past year. 2011 was actually QUITE a good year for me. It was really the "Year of Me" and in a good way. For the first time in a VERY long time I did several things that were just for ME. In April I took a plane ride (had been over 10yrs) to meet up with a huge group of lady friends in North Carolina. This was pivotal for me and I think was immensely good for me in unquantifiable ways. I had a low point in August but I perked myself up with another trip to NC to see a friend who missed the first gathering. I weathered my first hurricane there and survived just fine. This past year I actually bought clothes and other miscellaneous things for MYSELF. Things that were just for ME. My divorce was (finally) final. Not that divorce is usually a "good" thing, but it is good to be done with it and move on. It leaves me at a fresh place to start 2012. So what will 2012 have in store for me and my kids? I am hoping it will at least be as good as 2011 and hopefully even better.

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