Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...

So four years ago this moment...I was fully dilated and starting to "push" (only took me 15-20 minutes) to give birth to my amazing and precious daughter Elise. It was quite amazing, a rush really. The first few moments right after she was born were scary because she had some fluid on her lungs and the cord had been wrapped around her neck and tightened as I pushed her out. My OB doc was awesome though and things went quite smoothly. After they whisked her away to suctioned her and give her a bit of oxygen, I got to hold my little wonder in my arms for the first time a few moments later. Man how time flies. Now my little girl is almost too big to pick up in my arms. Her face has changed and matured so much already and she has such personality and energy about her. She drives me batty now and then (ok quite a bit), but we love each other so much too. We've talked about feeling someones love in our hearts and she's told me a few times "Mama...I feel you in my heart..." Now if that doesn't make you melt!! So today she gets to celebrate her FOURTH birthday at her preschool (another sign she is getting big) and then a small celebration later at night. She went to bed with a bit of a cold I'm praying its not any worse by morning as it would break my heart to have to keep her home on her birthday. Her birthday goodie bags (hand stamped and decorated brown paper bags) are filled (VERY modestly) and ready to go, the cookies we made together are ready for the class snack. How does the time go by so fast? It really, truly seems to slip through our fingers like sand. Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!

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