Sunday, February 11, 2007

Poop and stuff...

There's been so many times that I wanted to get here and blog the past week or so but just never quite made it. Instead I aimlessly wander through other people blogs and the many online forums I try to frequent. I've also been a bit down. Things are not so glorious on the homefront and I'm not sure what will happen with all that, but thats another story. I have a job interview Tuesday for a job with better hours, hopefully close to the same pay, but totally different environment than what I'm in...its at an urgent care center. I just don't know if I can go from high acuity ICU/CCU environment to sniffly noses, fevers and strep throat type stuff and feel satisfied with it. And how do you weigh out physical/schedule benefits over the emotional/mental job satisfaction benefits. I just don't know. I don't know if I'll get offered the job anyway since I don't have any urgent care experience. I think an ER job would be right up my alley...but I'm not so sure about this one.

I wasn't going to harp on this more cause I know I've already vented to many people but its just eating at me that my step-dad just returned from Hawaii where he was getting engaged to his girlfriend and basically spending my mom's life insurance money that was given to me and my sisters. Before my mom died she expressed that she wanted him to have larger portion of the $$ so he could more adequately take care of my very handicapped step-sister. (I don't think they had custody of her when my mom named her beneficiaries). Soooo.....we are all a close knit family and caring, giving people so we basically gave him all of it with the understanding it would be used to pay off medical and funeral bills and then be to help cover expenses caring for her at home vs. a living center. We didn't anticipate that he would jump on Yahoo personals a few weeks after she was gone and start dating a mear month after her death, about the same time we all wrote him huge checks for the life insurance $$. I'm filled with such warmth and joy (sarcasm) knowing I helped pay for their several trips this past summer and now their engagement and vacation in Hawaii. I don't think angry begins to describe my emotion. I'm inwardly combusting. At least they didn't come back already married (unless they are keeping it a secret).

The poop issue is finally resolved for the moment as Miss Sassy just pooped about an 18 inch log thats been petrifying in her bowels for the past week. I've spent the last week (yes a week of constipation) keeping her mostly in pull-up because it just kept leaking little bits and we ruined several pairs of underwear. The past few days were spent largely in the bathroom cleaning poop from everywhere (the floor, carpet, toilet seat, bathtub) over, and over again, and coaching her to poo. *sigh* We fight about going to the bathroom and I find myself yelling at her over these bathroom issues because it gets so frustrating and tiring for all involved. I DO NOT want to do this again. The 1-2 apples/day, fiber shakes, oatmeal a few times a week, and extra water don't seem to be helping. Any other ideas? She's become picky about things, especially anything strong tasting...if it tastes funny, there's no getting it into her. I'm seriously considering asking for a stool softener but I don't know if you can have them this young (4). I'm just sure her bowels get huge and dilated and I'm worried over time with this issue it will have more negative effects (physical and emotional).

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teachermom said...

You'll probably remember that this was an issue with K, as well.

We switched to white grape juice instead of apple, because the dr. said apple juice actually makes it worse in some kids. But what really started to help was the stool softener powder - glycolax, or something like that. It was prescribed, so I don't know if it's got more oomph than the fiber shakes or not (we used flax meal before this, and it didn't help). It took about a week, but finally she started going once a day or once every other day, which is MUCH better than the 3-4 days she was waiting. And yes, the tiny bits leaking out, I remember that too.

The other thing that her ped's office told us was that when they wait that long and the stools are that big, it stretches out the muscles down there so the urge to go doesn't come as soon. So it's kind of like one of those chicken/egg things - it's big because she's waiting so long, she's waiting so long because it's so big, and then her body doesn't think it needs to go sooner. K's muscles seem to have gotten back to normal, and the poops are much better.

D from our board (E&G's mom)told me about some jelly stuff they gave to G. I never inquired about it with my dr. because the powder worked, but she said it worked better for him than the powder had. I'd definitely go in.