Monday, January 08, 2007

Superfluous Slippers....

SO 10 parties and 6 pairs of slippers later..... And my Christmas is FINALLY OVER!! If I could make one recommendation to those of you with large extended families that buy you Christmas NOT include "slippers" on a list that goes out to all those groups of family members. I dunno....maybe your family isn't as slipper prone as mine. But I received a grand total of SIX PAIRS of slippers. And only one of them are the slip on style that I like. Two of them have intact tags and I think I might be able to return them. The rest I am stuck with. I do like some of them, but really? I will never put slippers on my list least not for the next 6 years. I did get some really awesome gifts this year if you don't mind me bragging about them? Like you could protest and stop me...heehee.

My MIL got me/us TWO memberships to awesome places to take the kids. One family+guest to the local zoo and one to some local gardens that both indoor and outdoor exhibits and some really cool events throughout the year. I'm so geeked about these. It makes me feel guilty for the gripping I do about MIL (both in my head and out loud at times). I also received a sewing machine from my Dad and step-mom that I'm excited to learn to use. I got a new velour sweatsuit/outfit and lots of other neat odds and ends too. We always get spoiled. The kids made out great too with lots of good stuff. Surprisingly many people bought them more educational type stuff and things I'd requested. I totally need to stock some of their stuff away though and pull it out throughout the year and/or rotate it though.

In other news: Mr. KJ is cranky this week because he is cutting at least two teeth (one top, one bottom) and there are others right behind them waiting to pop too. I think he was saying his first word Saturday night at the infamous "last x-mas party". He was quite notably calling the dog at times and it was so sweet. He got licked to pieces by my S&BIL's big huge Rottweiler puppy. He seems to be a great dog and KJ had NO fear of him. We were always careful to make sure we (one of "Wyatt's" parents, and one of us) were right there any time the kids were near him (even though he's a great dog, but also still young). But KJ would plow right over to him at times and giggle at all the face lickings and stick his hands out beckoning the dog for more once he walked away. .
Elise was also smitten with the dog and both of them bonded quite well. Of course she's going to be asking for a dog everyday now I'm sure.

Whew. I'm just so glad to be done with all the holiday stuff and try to get back to a regular schedule!!

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teachermom said...

Ha ha - cracking up about the slippers! Hey, at least you won't be asking for any new ones for a LONG time...and your feet are no longer growing, so I'd say you're set! :)

Those 'gardens' you speak of...I believe they are the ones I keep wanting to go to for the spring/summer exhibit, but I am never around that area at the right time. We'll have to make plans!