Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Confused Conservationism?

From Miss E the other day:

E: "Dada! You left the water running!!"

Him: "I know, I'm trying to thaw out a turkey for supper at Grammy's, so I'm putting it in warm water"

E: (appearing disturbed and exasperated) "Well......you can't WASTE the water.......the lights will all burn out" (as she waves and looks to the ceiling).

So at least she *kind of* understands that we don't want her to leave the water running and to turn the lights off when not in use.


teachermom said...

"The lights will all burn out!"

Hilarious! She's just so funny!

So, any chance you're going to be on my side of the state any time soon? :)

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MoMologette said...

Um...Ok....so I guess I needed to adjust a few settings to prevent this spamming stuff. GRRR!! Since I didn't have "Comment moderation" enabled before this, it won't let me delete this one. Live n' learn I guess.