Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interview news...

So I had my interview today. I was surprisingly not very nervous at all. I guess because the actual interview was held in the HR dept at the main hospital where I work now, so I was in my comfort zone still. I went into it with the perspective that I was doing some interviewing myself to get a better feel for what this new urgent care center will be like. I'm encouraged because its goal is to function like a free standing ER so there is still potential to get seriously ill patients and use some of my critical care skills. *bonus* My benefits and vacation would definitely transfer, YAY! And they still plan to emphasize the warm caring atmosphere and camaraderie that the main hospital departments exemplify. I really believe that the nursing staff where I work stand out above the rest and wouldn't want to loose that. Overall it went very well.

Sooo....I requested to tour/shadow at the *potential new job* to make sure the environment and staff seem agreeable before I toss 9.5 years in my comfort zone out the window. And it sounded pretty definite that I would have a second interview as well, not sure if it would be that same day or later, but this one would be a panel of 3 people. UGH....THAT does make me a bit nervous. So I have some more praying/contemplating to do, but I think I may be in for a big job change!!

Am I crazy to WANT to work every Fri/Sat/Sun 3pm-11pm? Will that drive me nuts? Three eight hour shifts ending at 11ish just sound better than 2 overnight shifts me. Its one more night a week I won't put my kids to bed, but I'll be there if they wake up in the middle of the night and won't have to sleep all the next day and/or be as tired and grouchy. At least thats what I'm thinking. Ok, I need to stop obsessing about this, but I just hate making big decisions.

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teachermom said...

Good luck at the 2nd interview!

You know, this might just be a really good thing for you for the next couple/few years. As Sassy gets into school full-time, you'll really enjoy having the flexibility to go in and help out in her classes, etc, but then the older the kids get, you may be less apt to want to work all weekend, every weekend...so then you might decide to find something different. But for now, when you guys are all together for so much of the time, this isn't so bad. Yes, you'll probably be annoyed at all the 'weekend fun' you will have to miss, but I think you'll adjust to it.