Friday, March 23, 2007

Such a bad, bad mom...

So I'm just NOT at all a morning person. This is no secret. The other thing that's not at all a secret around here is that Miss Sassy is insanely jealous of KJ and the time I spend with him, nursing/changing/playing...whatever. Her feelings usually come out as aggression or Sassy rebellion. We've been trying to talk to her about it more lately and I've told her that if she really feels left out or in need of more attention to verbalize her feelings to me. So this morning after I dragged myself out of bed, sat at my computer trying to wake myself up (my computer is like my morning coffee) and tried to keep KJ satisfied by periodically nursing him on my lap and sending him on his way to play for a few minutes until he tripped/bumped himself/had something taken away/was told "no"/felt the stars misaligned/etc....and crumpled into a whimpering heap of needing mommy-ness DD and I had this little snippet of conversation:

DD: "Mom, I feel like your not paying attention to me, your just paying attention to KJ".
Me: (in my irritated still drowsy delirium and sarcasm) "No dear, I'm not paying attention to either of you. I'm trying to ignore both of you equally."

Do I get points for being honest??