Monday, April 02, 2007

Revenge of the Pregnant Nuns....

I took care of a funny patient last night. He was technically an intermediate/stepdown patient overflowed into our unit (meaning he was not critically ill). In general I've learned to appreciate having patients that are sedated and on a ventilator. (It cuts down on the call lights and complaining for one thing). I know that is crass and awful....but seriously if you ask just about any Critical Care Nurse they will agree...we like 'em sedated (for practical reasons it keeps them calm and able to tolerate the ventilator and many tubes/IV's etc...)!!!! BUT....sometimes it IS a welcome breath of fresh air to have a less critical and "fun" patient that you can really converse with. SO last night I took care of a guy who shared my sense of witty humor. For the record I work in a Catholic hospital. There's really not much about it that makes it particularly "Catholic" anymore, but once upon a time it was founded by the "Sisters of Mercy" and throughout its early history was staffed largely by nuns and catholic layman. I don't know WHY I'm rambling on about all this, but basically my point was to get to my patients comment all night long when I'd have to disturb his sleep to check his vitals, or he'd complain about the stupid hospital gowns etc.... He'd declare it was revenge of the pregnant nuns. I guess it was funnier in the moment. But it will be interesting to see how many Google hits I get for "pregnant nuns" in the title. I think it would make a good name for a rock band?? What do yo think?

In other witty humor, I just moments ago impressed myself with a quick comback to DH. He was making a Cream Soda float and kept wanting me to try it. I was uninterested at the moment and he said "I can't BELIEVE you don't want to try perfection"!!! To which I instantly replied in a coy tone "I've already reached perfection dear, I don't need to taste it". Hooya!! Do you know how SELDOM I come up with stuff like that in the moment. Usually I'll think of a good comeback hours or days later when it doesn't matter. Yes...I'm obviously bored this evening since I'm rambling on about work and how I impress... myself!! DOH!! What about you...are you on the ball and witty in the moment or hours later?

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Teachermom said...

It's like "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"...only with nuns, and babies. :)

Hey, are we still on for next week, lady?! :)