Thursday, May 03, 2007

Illness report *sigh*

Soooo....E and KJ BOTH have Pink Eye (conjunctivitis), E still has a bit of a UTI and will most likely need to go for a *VCUG (where they stick a catheter in and put dye in your bladder, stick you under fluoroscope and watch you pee) and an Ultrasound of her kidneys. KJ STILL has an ear infection...probably both sides, but he was uncooperative and she couldn't see the left one as well. So who knows...he could wind up with tubes too at this rate.

Today DH will go to have his glucose and cholesterol checked, both of which have been high in the past. And I am already hoarse and half way to having no voice again, coughing and gaging on pharyngeal nastiness and blowing my nose every 2 seconds. I told DH I'm looking for a bridge to jump from cause I am just so DONE with being sick and dealing with everything. Ironically I'm the only one in the family not on antibiotics at the moment, yet I'm pretty sure I feel the crappiest this morning. I'm also pretty sure I'm getting the Pink Eye too.

*Interestingly KJ had/has enlarged kidneys that we are still tracking and he already had a VCUG, in fact he should be due for another kidney U/S sometime soon too. His VCUG was normal and we have not had any sign or symptoms that he has urinary tract infections, but the question has been raised if its a genetic thing both could have, and maybe why we are seeing the chronic infection with E.

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