Monday, May 07, 2007

Thank You Jesus!!

Thank you for the SUNSHINE and warm weather!!! Its just so nice to be outside with the kids and feel the nice warm rays o' sun beating down. Today's weather here was pretty darn near perfect!! I power washed off the Little Tykes house thing that we got for Miss E a few years ago and KJ just LOVED it!! He was in high heaven, peaking out the doors and windows, repeating "Hi" each time he looked out, going in and out 2 million times so he could open and shut the door. FUN times. I need to take some pictures!! We also blew some bubbles (KJ was quite perplexed, he kept saying "Ball" and looked a bit frustrated trying to catch them), played on the swing set, and KJ played in a mud puddle :)~ . We then headed off to E's little dance class but she was sound asleep when we got there and it took some serious prodding to get her out there with her class. After that we headed over to my MIL's (Grammy) and had dinner and soaked in the hot tub. The kids were in and out playing in a huge pile o' sand thats been put down in preparation for a pool to be put in (above ground). This time I remembered to bring jammies so the kids were knocked OUT by the time we got home.

Yesterday was good too. Sunday I napped about 4 hours or so after I got home from work. Dh was lovely enough to take both the kids to his moms house so I could have peaceful sleep and then in the early evening we all met up a little Carnival at a nearby park. Miss E was so excited she could not contain herself, it was so cute to watch her beaming with glee. Mr. K busied himself kicking a blow up beach ball all over the place and throwing himself over it rolling all over the grass and just having a grand old time. It was so funny because he kept kicking it up to total strangers and just look up at them waiting for them to kick it back. I of course forgot my camera. The kids pretty much had a few bites of a hot dog and elephant ears for dinner...I was told they had a very good lunch with Grammy it all evens out right??

I'm so ready for summer!! Thank you sunshine!!


Teachermom said...

AMEN, Sister! We are quite happy about the warm weather 'round here, too. :)

Hey, sorry 'bout the pink eye. How come I didn't hear about it on the board, girl? Did you post and I missed it?

Kristin said...

Isn't it amazing what nice weather can do?! We are enjoying it here as well, I'm like a whole new person!

I haven't commented in a while but wanted you to know that I still check here regularly! I'm sorry everyone has been sick, I totally know how you feel!