Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm SOO done with the C.R.A.P.

Ok...will the FREAKING germs leave NOW!!! I am SOOOOOO tired of the medical bills and dealing with illness (CRAP= Constant Respiratory and Airway Problems) in our house. It just will not end and has been physically (and mentally) exhausting the past few months. We've had a few glimpses of warmer summer weather and I'm just so ready for it to come full force in hopes that we can get out more and dispense of all the germs. I had a horrible viral/sinus thing in January that never totally went away and then had it really bad again (horrible sore throat, no voice, total sinus congestion etc...) through half of March into April. The doctor I saw claimed it was mostly allergies, but since I'd often run a fever with it, I know it was a sinus infection. It finally seemed to clear up but now that Miss E has been sick with the same CRAP and I feel my throat starting to get scratchy again. If I get this AGAIN...look for me on the nearest bridge. I'm that frustrated. That's just the meantime we've dealt with these medical issues the past month or so too:

E's UTI and constipation issues (got through her antibiotics and currently still on Lactulose and several dietary measures), KJ's ear infection/perforated eardrum, DH went to ER two Saturdays ago with a really bad fungal foot infection that developed into a serious bacterial infection that started spreading up his leg. He luckily was not admitted, but is STILL on really potent antibiotics and finally walking on it more than a hobble here and there. We had a follow-up appt. last week and he is also starting on some diabetic medication as he is pre-diabetic and most likely developing diabetes (which is no surprise to me since it runs in his family and he is a huge guy who eats like crap). So tomorrow I bring both kids in again...this time to recheck E's urine and address her pink eye, and really nasty cold...I think she has Adenovirus...but we'll see what they say. Unfortunately I just made the appt with a nurse practitioner thinking they would just be checking her urine and talking about that, and KJ needs his ears checked again to make sure the perforated one is healing, but I suspect he still has an infection as he spiked a mysterious fever a few days ago and is fussy off and on. And then Friday DH goes in again to have his glucose, cholesterol and foot checked again. Let me tell you, at $20 a co-pay for each person/office visit plus $20-$40 per every prescription we get, not to mention the ER cost, its been SO expensive. You'd think working for a hospital would mean decent insurance but...uh....Nada.

Dude....I feel like all I do when I finally post here is complain. Yikes!! I do need to record some more of E's funny comments before I forget too.

Die germs die!!!

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