Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Milestones and memories...

This was the first Easter that Miss E really heard about the Biblical Easter story in depth and its generated some cute discussions between the two of us. First she kept calling it "Great Friday" which was sweet. And then there were some conversations like this one:

E: Can I go to heaven mom?

Me: Yep, but hopefully not for a long, long time, like when your really old, and once you have Jesus in your heart.

E: Once you are in heaven, if you forgot something, you can come back to get it right?

Me: NO...once you are in heaven you can never come back. That's why we miss the people who have died so much... because they can never come back.

E: But what if you really need something?

Me: You just ask God, he will have EVERYTHING you need.

E: Well, what if I need to go potty, I don't know where his potty is!?

Me: You can just ask him and he'll tell you (laughing)

And then there were a number of other questions about "God's potty", LOL!! Oh and of course mention that she can't wait to get to heaven to see her cat Snicklefritz. She cracks me up.

The NOT GOOD milestone of the day/week/month:

Today my little man managed to totally knock his tooth out. The gate at the top of our basement stairs gave in this morning and KJ fell, just onto the landing, but flat on his face. I picked him up to find blood pouring out of his mouth. He literally knocked one of his bottom front teeth out. I'm so sad and ill to my stomach about it. There is nothing that they can do, unfortunately, just wait for his permanent teeth. I should just be thanking Jesus he didn't tumble around the corner and down the rest of the stairs and get hurt worse, but its hard not to be sad.

I know he'll still be my perfectly cute little man, but he has the most adorable little smile and goofy faces he makes already and I just know I'll be panged with guilt for a long time now, every time I see his toothy-less-one-tooth smile. At 13 months E was only getting her 2nd or 3rd tooth and at the same age Mr. KJ's already knocking his out. *sigh*

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