Sunday, June 03, 2007

The new addition to the family.....

No...don't get your hopes up for anything too exciting....

I'm just talking about my new (beloved) camera!! After MUCH, MUCH deliberation (and still self doubt in my decision), I have chosen this new family member:

He will be loved, cherished and taken almost everywhere with the family. I am beyond geeked to play with him and get to know everything about him. (I really don't usually personify my cameras, but hey).

I hope to get much more into photography and perfect some skills. I particularly enjoy taking pics of newborns and children but am open to anything. Sooo...if your willing to be a model for my practice and experimentation, let me know. My services are really cheap (like, FREE) at the moment, so let me know.


Tiffany said... much fun! I'm jealous! I would love a new one but I don't have the talent to justify it. ENJOY!!


Teachermom said...

How's the new cam workin' out?

And where in the heck have you been on the BIF board, woman???!

Miss you. :)