Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm so far behind!!!

Well...on everything really. Thats cause I'm a procrastinator with a capital P! There's so many things I've wanted to post on to have a good way to remember them, but I'm also lazy....not a good combo with procrastination. Um..yeah.... I can also add things to the list like behind on...my dishes, laundry, city taxes (oops), spring cleaning (groan), etc, etc...I could go on and on and I'm sure I'd make nearly everyone else feel MUCH better about themselves and their accomplishments. Instead I'll post a few pictures from the last few weeks to a month to remember and share some good times!!

Miss E finished up her first dance class. She was very sad, but I'm sure we will sign her up again!! This was just a little 6 week class held by the city Parks and Rec dept.

And a trip to the Childrens Museum, with my nephew as well...

E's school also had a "Grandparents Day". It was set up for them to basically just visit for an hour. But I guess when her teacher said it was time for the Grandparents to go now but they were welcome to stay if they really wished, E looked at Grandpa with those big blue eyes and said "Your going to stay aren't you", and so she had him wrapped around her finger... I was a bit shocked to still see him there when I picked her up later that afternoon. :)
Ok....I either suck at adding pictures, or this is not a very userfriendly site for easily getting pics in the midst of text. Tiss really ticking me off now! Oh well...more to come later.

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Teachermom said...

Awww...how fun! I love her little leotard, and that's really sweet about her getting Grandpa to stay at class w/her. He probably loved it!