Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another reason toys with batteries are bad....

Now don't get me wrong, I do like my kids to have educational toys, and normally this one would qualify. But not so much lately. I lazily just kept moving it around the house so KJ would stop playing with it and repeating what it sounds like it saying. Yesterday I finally pulled the batteries out and on the way home from work this morning I had to stop and get a few things from the store, so I grabbed some new (rechargable) batteries for this little guy.
I get so sick of changing batteries in toys lately, and really compared to lots of kids I know, my kids don't have THAT much. We have such a small house there is just not room. In fact I have been carting around a things Miss E got for Christmas in the back of the van. I wanted to return exchange them and geez o' pete's! They don't let you do anything without a reciept anymore...Maaaybe if you sign away your life and rights to your first born child, but you this offer is only extended ONCE per lifetime, at least the the case at Meijers. (Hmm...I wonder if I could tell them I'm a know...nine lives...). Well anyway, my video finally loaded so I will stop rambling and head to bed so I can go stamp out disease and save more lives tonight. ;)

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Teachermom said... fun to hear K's voice!

We get tired of chaging batts, too. If we wait long enough, the kids get tired of them and then we give them away. We still have WAY too much stuff at our house, too.