Monday, February 04, 2008

Organize Unclutter 2008

So its not a huge secret that I'm a terribly disorganized person with an atrociously cluttered house. However I am embarrased by it more and more now that I have children and potential "moms of so & so" (cause you know you loose your name when you have school age children right? You're just ____'s Mom) coming by with kids every now and then. That and even my 5 year old notices that my houskeeping abilites just quite arent up to par. OH! And its not just my van too evidently. Just last week while dropping Elise off at school a fellow preschooler waited by our van door for her to get out and exclaimed "You need to clean your van"! Yeah...nice...shut up little princess. Heehee. Just Kidding.

So anyway, I'm taking on a challenge from Christine...I'm a bit nervous to do this as I'm already sure I'll fail, but seriously ANY motivation and help to be held accountable is a GOOD thing. So I introduce you (that don't already know) to:

And since this first cleaning and organizing challenge starts in the kitchen and refridgerator, I'm at least a step in the right direction since I just did the fridge/freezer when it "died".


Kelli said...

Thanks for sharing! I will definately be looking into this.. i need it too!

Christine said...

Yay Nicole! Remember it is just as much work to maintain (or clean up) chaos than it is to maintain an organized space. Well, actually more work if the stats are right!

I'm Tara. said...

Good luck! I should look into that myself. I recently decluttered and organized in preparation for putting our house on the market, but I could surely do a little freshening up!!