Monday, May 26, 2008

Chocolate & Birthday Cake...for Me!!!

I'm 23... Well, that IS what my cake said!! You know... after insisting that the numbers be switched around. Thank you BIL!! Conveniently my birthday falls close to Memorial Day so it often works out nice to have a little get together around that time. So Monday my immediate family had a lil' gathering and I got to open presents and have cake a day early. Sunday afternoon and into the evening we had a relaxing time at my IL's as well. They live on some beautiful land that serves as a perfect backdrop for my obsessive picture taking, so it is always a treat to visit there in nice weather. I also went for a walk through some country orchards and had some good old fashioned girl talk with some wonderful ladies about everything from our bodies, to clothes, to spiritual stuff, to our abilities (or lack thereof) to still do cartwheels. (I can, by the way, still do a pretty darn near perfect my old age of 32). I had not been excited to go initially, but I left feeling surprisingly refreshed and happy.

Tuesday (my actual birthday) will be nothing special, in fact I really want to get my closets cleaned out and haul some stuff away to be donated. Getting a bit more organized would be a miraculous gift in and of itself. I constantly struggle in that area, (as anyone who's been to my house can attest to).

Tonight Kaedon gave me another miracle.....he went to bed on his own....IN his OWN bed!! Usually getting him to sleep involves either me sleeping on his mattress with him, him sleeping in my bed with me, or falling asleep in someones arms or on the couch next to us and being transferred into his own bed. It took a few times walking him back in there, but finally he stayed and fell asleep. YEEEHAW!!! Please tell me this is the start of something wonderful and new to stay and be repeated night after night!! Please, oh please, oh please!!!!


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a great day! You must share some of the fruits of your obsessive picture taking. (I'm exactly like you!)

Yeah for Kaedon too!!

Teachermom said...

Happy 23rd Birthday! LOL! :)

Here's hoping K keeps up that good sleeping. :)

I'm Tara. said...

Happy belated, birthday! How did I miss that one? But wow - to be 23 again!! :) And yay for Kaedon doing his big boy sleeping thing!! I'm not even there yet with Miss G.