Thursday, June 12, 2008

The sun, moon and the clouds....

The sun has been making the nice long days very hot, humid and sticky here in Michigan. Although the sun has been mixed with many clouds this past week as well. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny but prior to that we had several straight days with at least some rain. It would temporarily cool things off, but then just add to the humidity. I've managed to hold off using the central air. I love having the windows open and breeze flowing through and hearing the birds every morning. I just can't bring myself to close everything up, and let me tell you the cost factor is a pretty big motivation to stick it out as well!

The moon is another big fascination here, especially with KJ. The last two days in particular its been quite visible during the day. Knowing how enamored he is with the moon, Grammy told him during a phone conversation that it was out, and that she could see it at her house too. So, Tuesday he camped out on the edge of the neighbors lawn adjacent to our driveway so he could have a tree-less view of the lunar wonder. It was cute. What was even more cute was our conversation Wed. morning then, first thing, while still lying in bed. He was just going on and on about the moon.

KJ: "I saw the moon! Grammy has a moon too, at hews (her) house!!"
"It's BIIIIG!!!"
"I not reach it!"

Me: Nooo, its too high to reach it, you can't touch the moon honey.

KJ: "I need my tep-tool" (step-stool). I can tand (stand) on my chair to touch it"

He went on some more, but I can't remember everything he said. It just tickles my heart though, to watch my kids develop that "wonderment" about the little and big things in life that us grown-ups don't think twice about anymore.

Today I'm thinking of trying to take some nice outdoor pics of the kids and maybe my nephews too. Its supposed to be incredibly hot and humid again though, so I'm also trying to work in some plans to go somewhere with a pool...perhaps at Grammy's!!

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Kristin said...

Josh and I were fighting about the AC thing a few days ago. It was SO hot on Sunday and he said it was time to put the AC in...but I really didn't want to.

I finally was way too hot and I was crabby. I only use it when I am miserable though...otherwise I like to have the windows open and the air moving, even if it is a bit hot.

My kids love the moon too. You have to get him the "Moon in my room" nightlight. Ethan has it and love sit.