Friday, June 27, 2008

I need to figure things out....

Well, lets be serious there are TONS of things I need to figure out in life...but really right now, I'm mostly concerned with my work schedule and DH's work schedule and life in general. I could go into lots of detail telling you about how we had to re-apply for our current positions just because we will be moving into a new building in Febuary-ish 2009, but I'll do my best to be brief. Based on those interviews we will all find out our assigned location/dept. and shift within that new building. I know I'll stay in ICU, but I won't know any other details for sure until the August some time.

In the mean time DH was just told they may switch his schedule to have him work weekends and get Tues & Wed. off (So work Thurs-Mon I guess). If this happens I will probably need to give up my weekend option spot (the one thats been giving me a headache anyway) for sure. Having Elise in VBS this week and spending more time with the people from church really makes me want to give up my weekend thing anyway so we can actually start going to church regularly again. Its been forever since we did. And now Elise is just at that age where she really needs and wants to be a part of things like that. It has been SO neat to watch her come home singing the songs and telling me about stories in the Bible that they read and just generally being really excited about Jesus and the Bible. Its wonderful. I don't want that to end for her. I truly question my job and wonder if I'm "supposed to" give up this weekend thing now anyway. Financially, I don't know HOW it would work. I would need to work 3 shifts a week to make what I do now. Or see if there was anyway to cut back enough to make it on much less. I just don't know. I need to some hard thinking, praying and crunching numbers. I'm SO not a decision maker though...I totally procrastinate that too and put off making big decisions. So when I say we will might be a long wait. ;)

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Tricia said...

Sounds like some changes are happening! I will pray that you and DH have wisdom as you make the decision.

Just remember that God won't lead you where he won't sustain you! It might be a leap of faith... where the crunched numbers won't make sense, but you really think it's the right move! Who knows!

Exciting stuff!