Monday, June 23, 2008

My crazy fun weekend....

So I don't know how much I've complained here lately about my current position at work. Up till recently I was pretty happy with my "work part-time, but get paid full-time" weekend gig. They are now however, subtly trying to do away with us "weekend option" people and therefore our once guaranteed hours are no longer guaranteed at all. Oh no! So Friday I was called off, but managed to pick up an open slot in ER. I actually REALLY liked it. I've only been down there a few times and only for 4 hours at a time. But I think I could actually dig a new gig down there if the right spot opened up. Unfortunately they won't hire me into a weekend spot until I have MORE experience in ER. So we'll see....maybe I just need to get some!

Saturday, only 5 ICU patients meant, no work for me again. This was a "babysitter" weekend, so DH was home and the kids were at the sitters. He's been getting a free Saturday night to himself twice a month with this set up. Usually it works out to be a combo of guy time for him and get my "to-do list" done type thing. Sometimes I get mad at the fact I'm paying a sitter when he is home, but if it keeps us happy and keeps our marriage going in the right direction its worth it.

Soo.....we had a DATE NIGHT Saturday!!! Yeah, I really can't afford to be called off work too much, but we were desperately in need of some ALONE adult time. We went to dinner, watched a movie and flirted and generally just had a good time. It was SO nice. I felt so much more refreshed and alive after getting some *me* time....and sleeping in till almost NOON without any kids in bed with me!!! WOOHOO!!!

Our lazy morning came a crash ending when we heard a motorcycle whiz right by the bedroom window and then the snapping of branches along the tree line that borders the neighbors lawn. I thought I was dreaming for a second. I jumped up and squinted out the window (sans my glasses) and couldn't quite tell if that was a rear reflector I saw sticking out of the tree branches and bushes or not. After grabbing my glasses and noticing a swarm of various neighbors heading from all different directions into my yard, I realized the bike and person must still be IN there! I frantically threw on a sweatshirt and jeans over my lingerie and ran out there. How embarrassing to be an ICU nurse and not promptly respond to an emergency in my own yard, you know. It was a young guy, probably early 20's with a HUGE, heavy, shiny new motorcycle. I'm guessing a new purchase to combat gas prices. He was amazingly least seemed to be. He got up once a crowd had gathered and wouldn't admit to any injuries other than a bruised ego. He evidently only lives up the road so another guy helped him WALK the bike back. Yikes!! I haven't seen him or the bike since but I hope not least not the bike. I kinda felt bad for the kid. I am just SOOOO thankful my kids were not even home, let alone in the yard. Can you imagine!

This week Elise is in VBS at a church right down the road. Today was her first day and I was really surprised at how huge and big it all was. TONS of kids. I was a little nervous to leave her, but then spotted three other kids who were just in her preschool class, so I felt a little better about it. She of course loved it! The biggest challenge will be getting there on time. It starts at 9am and!!!!

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Kristin said...

Oh my goodness!! What a crazy story. I'm glad he was ok. We just got through bike week here and it was CRAZY. There were less accidents than past years..but still on death.

Anyway...glad you had a nice time!!!