Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from a little vacation....

So we made it a long weekend (DH got Monday off) and we left Saturday morning for Detroit to see a Tigers game!! It takes a couple of hours+ to get there so I had booked a hotel to make it an official vacation and have some fun with the kidlets too. I originally was going to just stay at the hotel with KJ during the game and E would have some daddy/daughter time, but we decided to brave it and all go, busy toddler included. It was a bit chaotic especially since it rained for the first few innings and there was NOT any cover over us except the lil' umbrella we did bring along just in case. The event involved a LOT of walking especially for me, since I was of course the designated child-chaser and entertainment provider. Next time remind me to get seats in the section at least NEAR the big carousel not several decks (like 10 flights of stairs) above it and a mile away on the opposite side of the stadium. Oh...yeah, and I should mention I had Kaedon on my back in a carrier the whole time because there was no way to traverse the stadium seating with a stroller and no way I would trust him walking. Did I post that I totally lost him at the local gardens a few weeks ago. One kid goes one way, the second goes the other mom...two kids... = BAD scenario!! OIY!

So yeah...several miles of walking with an extra 30+ lbs on my back, in 80 degree 100% humidity. Overall, yes the vacation went well, but it was at this point I think I mentally lost it for the rest of the weekend. I was feeling very bitter about DH sitting in his seat watching the game. He who was whining about how his knee hurt from all the walking and how bad the little soft cooler strap was digging into his shoulder. I started inwardly brewing about how I had done all the laundry and packing before hand, made all the arrangements etc, etc... OH, yes, and I had just started my lovely "curse" of the month too, so that kinda sucked and added to the slightly homicidal mental state. Much like the little clip my friend Teachermom posted here. Heehee...

So Sunday was also our anniversary (9 years)!! I feel so bad that I was so rottenly grumpy and lousy feeling. We had originally planned to take the kids to the zoo or a museum or someplace neat in that area, but seriously, they were IN LOVE with the hotel pool and it worked out well to just hang out there for the day (which also allowed me to nap, woohoo!!). Later in the afternoon DH's sister and BIL came to hang out and watch the kids while we went shopping and then out for dinner at an awesome place called Joe's Crab Shack. DH had been dying to go there for ages and we were actually within a reasonable driving distance from one. I finally relaxed a bit!! THAT was nice!! We also got confirmation that DH had his full shift off on Monday so we knew we would have some extra play-time with the kids then. Not that we are anywhere near as much fun as the aunt and uncle who played 1:1, non-stop with them for 5+ hours, but you know...a least moderately fun. ;)

So despite the fact that I had severe gut rot Monday morning, (I think a combo of the seafood, fatigue, and previous fast food ventures) we got going pretty early for our standards and checked out of the hotel by 10:30ish. We took the kids to the hands-on children's museum in Ann Arbor. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area. It was really neat with tons of interactive stuff for the kids (and parents) to do. We made it home in time to take Elise to soccer practice and it was a treat that DH got to go since he would normally be working.

So, thats my life the past few days in a nutshell....probably not all that interesting, but hey!!

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Teachermom said...

Cool! I'm glad you got to relax on Sunday, and glad that you guys checked out the hands-on and liked it!

Are we on for a trip to that place halfway in between us sometime next month?