Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few vacation pics and more....

Here's one of the VERY few pics that actually shows ME and the kids. I asked John to take one since there really is almost no photographic records that I am actually a mother to my children. This is the best he could get and pretty classic of trying to get the kids to cooperate.

And here is a good one of "Zoom-zoom" Zumaya: (I love my camera zoom! We were WAY up in the stadium seats)

Here's one that was really overexposed, but I played with it in B&W and kinda like the efffect:

And a kinda cute one of KJ:

07-16-08 042

And on a total side note, I hate this blog template...mainly because everyone and their brother is using it I'm in search of something different and fun.

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Teachermom said...

Those are cute pics! I have a lot of those wtih the kids and me in them too, where one is looking and the other is fussing. Isn't it great?! ;)

Kristen uses Pyzam for her templants. I've looked on that website before and they have some cute stuff.