Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party animals, not party poopers....

The past two nights we have been to concerts. Tuesday was at the local gardens that host Tues. night concerts in August. It was free since we have a membership and the kids love it there anyway. We were there pretty late mostly walking around, playing in the children's area, listening to the soulful, relaxing music carried through the warm evening air. Staying out late inevitably led into a discussion about how we are not "party poopers" a phrase of course which my kids found HILARIOUS and giggled at immensely.

Well tonight we went to a pretty big Christian concert hosted by WAY-FM featuring Britt Nicole, Downhere, and Francesca Battistelli. It was held at the big ballpark. This was also free as long as you had a bumper sticker from the radio station. Since I did not have one, at 4:15 I set out to find one, which luckily did not take long. We got to the park really early and were in the first crowd to get through the gate and therefore had AWESOME seats. My kids did remarkably well. Elise loves Britt Nicole so I knew she would likely cooperate, but even my busy little, nap-deprived two year old lasted till almost the very end. You know the most awesome thing (other than the artists and their music) is that (nearly) everyone at an event like that is just SO nice and helpful. A young lady (Johanna, who coincidentally goes to my old church and I remember being just little girl) was sitting next to us, and was SO good and generous in helping and putting up with KJ climbing all over. To top it off I had an extra blessing- a good friend from high school wound up sitting right next to us so she also helped corral KJ and keep him entertained. It was just so crazy that out of the whole place she had a seat saved for her right next to me. Here's a few pics:



And !*!*!BRITT NICOLE!*!*!

I loved all of them, but I have to say that Francesca just has an AWESOME unique voice and I love her style. She plays her own guitar, seems down to earth and just has something extra sweet and cool about her. I haven't been to *real* concert in a long time so it made it extra fun!

Oh, and I can't leave a post without a sweet one of the kids having fun....

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Kristin said...

Downhere is one of my favorites! They are in NH on Sept. 5th and we are going. We were just talking last night about whether or not we will take the kids. Ethan loves Downhere.

Glad you had a fun time!

Oh..and I love your haircut!!