Friday, August 01, 2008

Where did the week go?

And for that matter the month!? I can't believe its AUGUST. This week flew by fast for me. I cannot believe its Friday already. Ugh. That means I work tonight!! Its also a "sitter weekend" so I have to drop the kids off. Even though they do fine there, Kaedon still often cries and rips my heart in two as I leave. He clings to me like a little monkey and the sitter has to actually PRY him off me most times. They much prefer when Papa and Grandma come here to watch them and spoil them rotten and let them stay up late.

I did find that disgusting, squished dead mouse by the way....ewwww!

This past Wednesday was E's last soccer game for the summer. She seemed to like it enough to try it again, but is still a bit tentative out on the field and not so assertive yet. She also has asked to do dance again and by personality she is more the "artsy" type, so we'll just see where the sports thing takes us. This was really her first official sport she tried. She was elated to get a certificate and a medal at the end, so that was all good and cute!

Kaedon seems to be naturally coordinated at sports stuff already, but not so much in everyday walking. The kid runs into the corners of the wall and bumps his head several times a day....seriously!! He's a super fast runner and can already hit a ball with a bat when pitched to him and seems to be pretty good at soccer too...although he needs to learn NOT throw himself on the ground and throw a fit when someone gets the ball away from him, LOL.

Kaedon has been obsessed with fire, fireman and fire hydrants lately. I've explained that only the firemen can turn on the water at the hydrants. We happened to pick up a cheapy $0.49 firemans hat at a dollar store last week and he is thoroughly convinced that it gives him the power to turn the hydrants on. He seriously throws a fit in the van when I won't pull over and let him turn the hydrant on. Oh my!!

Here he is in action with the power washer. After having a campfire with dadda last weekend, he also seems to want to START fires all the time too, so um...I'm a bit concerned there and keep reminding him that firemen put OUT fires. Yikes.

And for laughs I thought I'd post a funny German commercial from Youtube I found last night:

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