Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday time!

All the holidays, so much fun (and perhaps confusion).

So tonight we went yet again, to our favorite little (actually NOT so little) place in town. The Gardens/Sculpture park I keep talking about. I feel like I need to just live there. My kids ask to go ALL the time and its just the best place. I've decided I really need to volunteer there so I feel like I can give back a little bit of everything the place does for our family. Maybe when KJ is finally in school or when DH gets a daytime shift and less crazy schedule. Or maybe in the summers when the kids are old enough to help out with projects there too. We'll see.

ANYway....Tonight was a special night of tree lighting...they have 40 trees/displays representing 40 different countries and cultures. They also had roaming Dickens Carolers, crafts for the kids to make and Santa Clause! I didn't even initially realize until a few days ago that Santa would be there. Last year we went closer to Christmas to see Santa....I believe the last day Santa would be there and it was wall-to-wall people and a LONG line to see Santa. Tonight was much more laid back, Santa was roaming around chatting with the kids- on a few different occasions. After the last time KJ was done chatting off the ear of his new found friend, he stated "You know, I really like his Halloween costume". It was SO freaking funny. My MIL took a little video of him and E talking to Santa, so I will have to get it from her and post it. Unfortunately we missed that last costume comment on video though.

I guess having just had Halloween not that long ago, planning for Thanksgiving and then adding Christmas celebrations into the mix is a little confusing for a 2.5yr old. LOL!!

We also met an adorable little girl and her mom there and I actually exchanged email/#'s with the mom before we left. The girl was a little older than KJ but both my kids loved her. KJ spent a good part of the night following her around and vice versa. Before we left KJ asked if he could give her a hug and then after he hugged her asked if he could give her a KISS! Heehee!! Uh-oh! At least he asked I guess, although we refrained on this first date/meet-up! ;)

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