Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it would be a bit more "merry" if I didn't have a sore throat, wasn't hacking up phlegm, and could actually yell at my kids to pick their toys talk above a whisper. Oh well. At least we are warm and have been snuggled in our jammies ALL day. Unfortunately the hubby had to work his normal 3-midnight schedule both yesterday and today. He was here to open gifts with the kids and make us brunch though, so that was good. Last night I braved a few family parties on my own with the kids. It started out with me getting totally wedged in the snow banks and deep snow at the end of our driveway. As I shoveled the wet, heavy snow, ready to pass out from lack of oxygen I was NOT saying Merry Christmas....OR I guess I was, but I was adding a few colorful words in the middle there. Don't worry the kids didn't hear. It was a bit of a late night but the kids at least slept till about 8:00am. Whew! The kids had lots o' fun opening and playing with their gifts all day. The house is a disaster, but who cares right? I need to go scrounge up something for dinner. Not exactly the fancy Christmas dinner most are having I'm sure. It will likely be some sort of chicken and pasta...something quick. Maybe even chicken nuggets and mac n' cheese. I have to get the pics off my camera, and then I'll have lots more to post, but the kidlets are hungry. Hope today has been warm and happy for all of you!! Happy Holidays!!!

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