Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free food and some fun....

I'm just going to start off complaining because I have had a horrible headache all day thats only getting worse and worse. Ugh. I think its muscle/tension related, which is not new for me, but I've been lucky to NOT have major issues for many months now. All day I've been thinking "Oh it must be because I haven't had any or enough caffeine yet" or "maybe I need to eat something". However, despite my indulgences in M. Dew and plenty of food...the headache persists. Its a good thing I have a few good things to snack on though right!

That makes a nice transition into my next "topic" about the WONDERFUL prize (I freaking WON a prize) during the fun filled Carnival Week of Bloggy Givaways. Click the link to get the info on the next one. I seriously never win anything and of handful of giveaways that I entered I think I got the one I most hoped to win!! It was a big box of 100 calorie Little Debbie snacks from Mel at "A Box of Chocolates". Well...it just arrived yesterday. I was gone all day so I didn't get it till last night, so the kids and I had our "bedtime snack" from the new selection of treats!!

In other news: Miss E had "Elegant Day" last week which included square-like dancing in gym and many other prim and proper etiquette lessons. It was very cute. On that same day they exchanged Valentines and had other special things going on too. Today they celebrated the 100th day of school. (I think it was technically a few days off, but no one is really counting). This morning I made 50 pancakes so each of the kids in her class could put two pancakes next to a sausage link to make a breakfast "100". Pretty nifty eh?!! Actually I made close to 70 since the fam ate a few and I stuck about 10 in the fridge for the rest of the week. There will hopefully be more to blog about later this week as Miss E is on Winter Break after tomorrow afternoon. Usually she goes in the afternoon, but tomorrow I have to have her to school by 8am. Seriously!! How do people do that?!?! I am SOOO not a morning person. I have an awful feeling I will sleep right through till after 8. Well...I guess thats my cue to go set my alarm before I forget. Goodnight!!

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Kristin said...

100 calorie nutty bars?!?! Are they any good?

The pancake/sausage idea is very cool! We did a 100 piece puzzle and glued it together for Ethan's 100th day...that I thought was a few days ago, but I think might be today?? (we already brought the puzzle in).

...and yes, I drag all the kids out every day at 8am (well..its more like 8:15). I hate it in the winter. This is why I LOVE vacation weeks.