Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And so says Miss Sassy Pants......

My 3.5 year old daughter- Sassy Pants (SP) I think I will call her, keeps us rolling (although sometimes just our eyes) with her comments and the things she comes up with. I've been wanting to write them down somewhere so I don't forget so I thought this would be a fun place.

About two weeks ago I was on the computer. She knows I "chat with my friends" online and seems to grasp the concept that I'm talking to other people. She's also been fascinated by boobs in the last month or so, so we had a conversation that went like this:

SP: Mom, are you talking to your friends about my boobs?
Me: WHY would I be talking to my friends about your BOOBS?
SP: Well, because I'm growing and my boobs are getting bigger. I need to get a bra.
Me: (Jaw dropped open, quite speechless, laughing at the same time, shaking my head)

I have no idea where she heard about that one, but its a good reminder that I need to monitor what she watches on TV better since she can flip through the channels herself these days. We have the Disney channel on quite a bit some days and I'm thinking maybe it was from one of the "bigger kid" shows on there.

She started Preschool a few weeks ago and she's thankfully not one of those kids that cries or gets clingy when I drop her off, but sometimes a mom needs a little love and to know she'll be missed too. Last Tuesday (the 5th time she'd been there) we had just made it past the school doors and I was on my way to help her hang her jacket up in her locker (OMG she has a LOCKER already!!) and help her pin her name tag on.

SP: Ok mom, see you at TEN! (practically skipping down the hall)
Me: Um, how about 3:00
SP: Ok, see you at three...(still skipping towards class, clearly done with her "goodbye")
Me: Well, is it alright if I come with you and help you put your name tag on at least.
SP: (no answer, just waits for me to finish, then skips off towards her friends and teacher, leaving me gazing after her realizing she's not going to look back and wave or any of that mushy stuff).

I'm sure there's a ton more I'm not thinking of at the moment but I have a squirmy baby in my lap. I'm sure this will be a frequent topic for me though....the things my kids say (and do).

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Kristin said...

Ha ha ha!! The boob story is hilarious!! She is a funny girl!