Monday, November 20, 2006

Feelin' Hot, hot, hot...

No, not me in any fun ways unfortunately. Quite the contrary. Mr KJ had his first fever this past week. At least his first real "other than mildly elevated temp from teething" type thing accompanied by a horribly runny nose and now a horrid cough to go with it. He sounds so pitiful, but all in all his spirits remain good (most of the time). His poor little face is all chapped in painful looking red patches where the combo of drool, snot, and constant wiping with Kleenex and clothes has taken its toll.

We had our family thanksgiving this past Sunday (yesterday). It was actually the first anniversary of my moms death. Sooo my moms side of the family and my siblings figured it would be good and special to all be together on that day, and what better excuse than to have Thanksgiving. It was actually quite a nice day. I woke up to the smiling face of my babe and my heart melted before I even processed what the day was. He's such a cute munchkin! Really, I think I felt much worse anticipating the day, than how I actually felt ON the day. It did bring back some gut churning memories of that day last year, but we actually had a nice time with the immediate family (just my moms brothers, sister, and mom). AND my hubby = the cook/chef in this household, did the honors of making the turkey. We received a 30+ lb turkey fresh from the turkey-farm, from one of his music students and DH went all out brining, smoking and then baking it to perfection. Thank you Food Network. We returned home, had the kids in bed by 8:15, and were able to watch a movie. It was nearly a miracle.

Tonight I've given KJ his first dose of medicine other than Tylenol or his Zantac. I called the Dr's office today and they gave me the "ok" for Robitussin DM and gave me the infant doses. I'm hoping it will help settle his cough and let him sleep a bit better. He's still in my lap and so far he's mostly peaceful. We'll see what transpires throughout the night!


Jenny said...

Hey, I know I have been leaving a lot of comments. But since I lost a parent so young, I know how it is. The anicipations of the "anniversaries" are really much harder than the actual day. I have found that time and time again. Since Dad died in the springtime, I get depressed around that time of year. Anyway, wish I could be there to give you a hug. Gosh it is hard losing a parent.

MoMologette said...


I'm totally happy your leaving comments. And really I appreciate them tons. I have thought about you many, many times wondering if you experienced similar thoughts and emotions since your experience was pretty close to mine in that you had a new little one all around the same time your parent died. And it was even the general spacing and genders of our 1st and 2nd are the same. So please...keep leaving comments and pardon the fact that I go on and on about my mom so much. (Another thing I wonder if I'm "normal" about).

teachermom said...

I'm so glad your family thought to all get together. I'm sure that, for everyone, having something to do that day and all being with each other was really a help.

Hope the KJ feels better soon! Poor little guy.