Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Has it really been a week since I posted anything?? I guess I'm not so good at keeping up with this blog stuff yet. I would have majorly failed at the NaBloPoMo thing. Kudos to all of you that are keeping up with that one!!

In all honestly I probably started my blog at a bad time because I've been more self convicted to spend less time on the computer, especially during the day, and more focused time on my children. We are having a heck of a time with MSP and her sassy, back-talking, temper tantrum throwing attitude and I can't help but feel guilty that I literally have my back to her while I surf the net and talk to all my "board" (not bored) friends. Its too easy for me because the computer is in the living room, so I'm always "just quick checking". And I do sit here to nurse KJ, but he falls asleep and I linger here for a looong time. I then justify it by telling myself and DH that I do that because he'll wake up if I move and he needs to nap. Its sort of true, but, well...I probably have other options.

So...this parenting stuff. I'm at such a loss with my almost four (going on 13) year old. She has such anger and control issues. I know some of it is normal for her age, but she seems to be way worse. Its effecting everybody and totally disrupting any routine daily functioning. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING we do involves huge arguments, disputes, and usually huge screaming tantrums, outrages and time-outs with Miss Sassy Pants. (She absolutely does not like to be called that in person by the way. She gets that it has a negative connotation). But anyhow, things are WAY out of hand. Lately we are always yelling and always frustrated and this house needs a bad attitude exorcism. We have some fears that she could have some ADD/ADHD type issues especially since DH was VERY ADHD as a kid. BUT, I totally do NOT want to "label" her with anything like that so early and even IF that was it, I really feel that a lot of the behaviors can be honed and nipped in the bud early with better coping mechanisms and well...parenting. So, what a huge responsibility and stress this parenting can be eh?!?!

So last Wed. we went to the BIG library downtown and I scoped out some parenting books for help. I checked out "Parenting the Strong-willed Child" and "How to Behave so Your Preschooler Will". I also got "The Attachment Parenting Book" by Dr. Sears to help balance myself out and feel a bit better about how things were going with KJ and reinforce good bonding with him. I just really hate all this discipline stuff. UGH! So I've been trying to read in the evenings too, which cuts out on computer and TV time.

Oooh yes, TV! I also cut our cable way back too. We now get local channels and a few extra kids channels and that's about it. A big change for us! But I think we'll be fine and it will be much better for us. Now if only football games weren't on network channels, so much more would get done around here on the weekends!! Hey, I was nice enough to wait till after baseball season was over. DH would have left me (at least temporarily) if I'd have cancelled cable while the Tigers were making it to the World Series!!


Jenny said...

Hey, don't get discouraged with Elise, Emma was the SAME WAY. Literally, every day she would have a screaming hissy fit that would last at least 30 min. I found myself so angry at her, I would slam doors and yell...I get kinda embarrased about how out of control "I" was. She is much better now. A book I recommend too is "How to make you kids mind without losing yours" by Kevin Leman. He is a Christian guy with a GREAT perspective. Anyway...been there! HUGS friend!

teachermom said...

I know what you mean...K has her own 'tantrums' that, while odd, are equally annoying! Stubborness now turns into perseverence later...just remember that! :)

I remember feeling a LOT better when we cut our cable, too. We went a whole year w/out it and now we seem to be addicted again! I guess you just gotta go cold turkey on the stuff.

I've heard that Dobson's Strong Willed Child book is good - is that the one you got?