Sunday, November 26, 2006


I need to record everything Mr. K is doing these days before I forget it all. And this is just easier than filling out the baby book at the moment. So here goes:

SO at 8.5-9 months KJ is a little bundle of energy and cuteness! He's crawling like a champ with great speed. He loves chasing the cats (he LOVES animals) and trying to follow around his big sister. Its cute to watch the two of them interact so much already. Despite E's (Miss Sassy's) tendencies to overwhelm him at times, she really is a good and attentive big sister. He is also pulling up on furniture the past week or so and I think he will be taking steps and cruising any day now. I think he's starting to get good at mimicking things. He is pretty proficient at giving kisses and has recently started "blowing" kisses too which has got to be the sweetest thing!! He'll take his whole little hand and pat his mouth and smile at you. Every once in a while he even gets out a smacking sound.

He's already got three top teeth and two bottom teeth and many more following. Poor thing, I can't imagine the teething pain. He babbles a TON, including mama, dada, ba, nana, and several other consonant sounds and combinations. He shouts in protest when you take something away. His reflux seems to be getting a little bit better, but I don't want to jinx myself on that. He eats just about anything...seems to have an affection for paper and leaves though. He still nurses frequently, but is already showing a dislike for "baby food". He's pitching a fit for what we have on the table. If I can I grind it up in the baby food grinder, but well....we tend to eat a lot of Mexican and moderately spicy food around here that I'm not ready to puree for him. But more and more I'm giving him chunks and pieces of soft foods the rest of us are eating. I've probably broken quite a few feeding "rules" as I know he's had tastes of dairy and even some nuts (accidentally).

He's a waterboy! Loves, loves, loves taking a bath and playing in or with water. You can just wash his hands in the sink and he gets giddy. Oh yes, and the dancing! He dances...bobbles his big ol' head and bounces his whole body when he hears music...any kind of music....even singing. Its SOOOO cute! He's showing more and more affection for dada and gets excited to play with him, but overall is still very much a mama's boy. Its good to watch him grow more secure with daddy though.

Overall he's just so sweet and cute I could eat him up. I just can't believe he's 9 months old already. I really don't know where the time goes!

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