Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Let me recap the past few weeks for you just by the parties and events that we were supposed to and mostly DID attend. Keep in mind that I work Friday nights third shift so for each Saturday party it meant little to NO sleep for me. I've been so sleep deprived lately this last month was a bit of a blur.

December 9- (Sat.) My dads side, "extended family", started at 11am so I worked all Friday night and never slept this day at all. Was in bed by 8:30pm.

December 16- (Sat.) My work party (we skipped this one and went shopping till 12 am with KJ tow, E saw Peter Pan at the theater and spent the night with my dad and step-mom).

December 20- Ok, no party but was out with both kids shopping and running errands (KJ strapped to me in the carrier) from 1pm to 8 pm. We ate dinner AT the mall and skipped the 10 mile line to see Santa. They played in the play area and rode the carousel instead.

December 23- (Sat.) Christmas with my moms extended family

December 24- (we had THREE places to be this day). I had to work at 7pm so we made it to my Dad and step-moms so we (my sisters included) could exchange gifts with Dad and step-mom (from 1-4pm). About 4pm DH dropped me off at home so I could take a speedy nap and he and the kids made their way to HIS dad and step-moms extended family party from about 5-8pm. While they dropped me off at home we put out the milk and cookies for Santa since I would be gone and it was likely E would fall asleep in the car on the way home from party #2 (or #3 if they made it). They never made it to #3 which was my step-moms family party (her mom and sisters).

December 25- Got home about 8:15am, quickly showered and started "traditional" Christmas morning with the kids, opening presents and stockings. I didn't stay up for breakfast, but Dh made some for the kids. I slept for a nice little while and later that night at 6pm we went to my step-dads (moms) house to exchange gifts among my sisters and my step-dad. This was a nice laid back time with my sisters. A little hard to do without my mom and a little "biting" if you will, because my step-dad included his girlfriends name on several of the name tags and let us know she picked out and wrapped most of the gifts. (Yeah, I don't know if I've told many people, but he's had a girlfriend for some time now) Grrr. Anyhow, she did earn some bonus points with some really CUTE gifts including handmade scarves and hats for the kids and a wooden horse for E that her dad handmade. She was not there however. Luckily my step-dad KNEW that would not go over well (especially with my youngest sister). Although this was technically our second Christmas without mom, it had happened so recently last year that it was all a blur and a fog of a Christmas, so this really felt more like the first Christmas without her.

December 26 & 27 - Lots of lounging and playing with new toys!! Dh's Dad and step-mom came over with more gifts for the kidlets that they didn't give them at their extended family gathering on Christmas eve.

December 28- An evening party with Dh's extended family (from his moms side) at his moms. we were there from about 5pm till um....2AM!!!! Yikes!!!

December 29 (Sat.)- Post party at Dh's moms to eat leftovers, visit with his uncle still in town, and use the hot tub since it was just too busy on the "big" party night.

Jan 6- The LAST scheduled CHRISTMAS party we have that is with Dh's siblings and Mom and step-dad. This is usually a laid back gathering as well, but we STILL have some baking, shopping and wrapping to do this week for this party since we've been busy and procrastinating. UGH!!!

Oh I am SOOO ready to be done. What is that about 10 gatherings with family?! Will it EVER end?? I was in the Christmas mood till a few days ago, but now that the new year has past, I am DONE. If I can get to it this week the tree will come down. I'm afraid it might wait till after our last party and come down next week, I guess we will see.

I'll have to discuss gifts in another post since this one is already a novel!

Happy 2007!! (Only 357 days till the next Christmas and the next round of madness)!

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