Thursday, April 05, 2007

An update on my life....

So I know I thought I would quick update on lifes progress/happenings the past couple weeks as I don't think I've actually updated the blog with that info yet. In a few weeks I will start working Friday and Saturday nights (rather than Sunday), and hope to get into our old routine of going to the Sunday *night* service at church. We haven't been going much at all lately because I'm usually just dragging too bad and my sleep is too messed up to get moving early enough on Sunday mornings and then I have to work Sunday night. So while I'm a bit anxious about pretty much being zapped out of life and society (aka: not with my kids) for 2.5-3 days straight, I'm hoping it helps. It will be an adjustment to come home from work Saturday morning and attempt to sleep a full 6-8 hours to go back to work Saturday night. I feel that KJ is old enough to survive the afternoon without being with me all day. He still is addicted to nursing but its not every 2-3 hours like it used to be. (Well, somedays if he's teething and or sick it might be but not normally). Now I just need to come up with some structured activities to send DH and the kids OUT to do every Saturday so I can get a block of undisturbed sleep. Even just 3 (quiet) hours would be heavenly and lets me fall into a deep sleep so I don't hear every noise in our small house. Any suggestions or ideas????

I am still keeping my eye on other job opportunities and have my foot in the door if another position opens in that Urgent Care Center....but honestly...I'm still hesitant if thats the right position for me. I've thought more and more about something with less "depair and illness" like labor and delivery or post-partum care, or something like that. I don't know. Eventually I'd still like to go back and become a nurse practitioner so I need to spread my horizons a bit...just not sure which direction right for now I continue to stay in my comfort zone. Ah well.

DH and I are doing a bit better. Getting along pretty good, working on defining our roles around the house a little better and dividing/sharing the chores in an organized manner. We are still working on hashing that all out...but I'm hoping we will be diligent enough to stick with it and make the needed changes. We both have huge (lack of) motivation issues, (DH more than me) so we need some structure to our lives to keep us in line. What we need is a drill sargent, haha!!

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