Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday baby......

So Elise turned FIVE today. Jeepers, how did five years go by. I spent Tuesday night reminiscing about going into the hospital five years ago that night. I went into the hospital around 7pm and I gave birth to her at 1:50am. It was a great experience, like a fun rollercoaster ride! I remember totally wanting to do it again and being sad it was all over before I was even moved over to the post partum room. She was a tiny 6lbs 11oz. She was fiesty and very bright & alert from the very beginning and nothing has changed! HA!

For the past several weeks I've been teasing her that she is not allowed to get any older or grow any more (she's had a huge growth spurt upwards just in the past 3 weeks)! One night just for kicks as I was saying bedtime prayers with her I asked God not to let her get older, we both giggled and it was cute. Today I was heart broken for her because she was supposed to be the "helper" at school and get to celebrate her birthday but the darned weather ruined that as all the schools were closed today. I teased her that God listened and see, he was canceling her birthday for me. She immediately prayed out loud for God not to listen to me. Hahaha!! Its fun being able to joke with her on that kind of level now.

She took the school thing well and is satisfied with being the helper w/ the other scheduled "helper" on Friday. Now I just PRAY school isn't cancelled on Friday as well. Our family party was smaller tonight as well since the roads were still just too bad for some of the fam to come. I feel sort of bad/guilty since it was SO small and incredibly simple. Please reassure me I'm not a bad mom for not planning a big shin dig with her friends and games and balloons and all kinds of 5 year old mania. We #1 don't have a good place to do it, and #2 don't have the $$. I just hope she doesn't feel spiteful that several little preschool friends have had big 5 year old parties. The things us moms stay up obsessing about I tell ya. Ugh, it will only get worse I'm sure.

Um....I do need to work on her with some etiquette as she immediately asked my Grandma, who we picked up for the party, where her gift was for her. OIY!! Poor nana luckily laughed and told her she couldn't get to the store, but I knew she probably felt a little bad. I had to run into the store on the way there and found a little Thumbellina DVD for a few dollars so I grabbed it and let nana know she was covered, LOL. But sheesh!! I was so embarassed Elise even said that!! Any good suggestions on books for "little girl etiquette"?


Christine said...

Awwww... Happy Birthday!! They grow up way too fast, don't they?

BTW, you are tagged... hope you don't mind! See my post here for the details.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I can not believe we they are turning 5!

As for the party thing..I struggle with this every single year with every single kid! I think you are doing the right thing by doing a small party. In my opinion it allows you to make it more special for them..instead of trying to entertain a bunch of other 5 year olds. It also allows you to enjoy it more yourself.

My theory soon as my kids are old enough to entertain themselves at a party (and plan it themselves) then we will have smaller family type parties. They can have as many friends over as they wants once they don't need me to plan activities for them!!