Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just in case you were wondering the fridge is working. It now is nicely cleaned both in back and underneath and throughout the (cooling ?) coils. An old bottle brush came in handy for those coils. Now...I feel like an idiot, but there is a chance that it was actually just turned off from some nob inside the freezer. It was labeled defrost, and honestly I don't remember if I turned it to "off" while emptying out the melted mush or if it was accidentally turned before and voila...all cooling action ceased to exist. OMG!!! Only in my house could such a stupid thing happen. Oh well...we wasted some food, but my freezer and fridge SHINE now and theres nothing old and/or moldy anywhere. I'm glad we didn't call a repair man if that really was the issue. (DOH). I asked KJ if he did it and he blamed it on his 2 yr old cousin (Na-nio he calls him). "Na-nio do dat", "He boke eet". I'm a bit worried (yet amused) that my nearly 2 year old has learned to use his cousin as a scapegoat. (Its not the first time hes done that this week). Oiy! Gotta love kids.

Well its bedtime and DH just got home from maybe I'll update more later when I'm not so tired!


DoubleKFarm said...

That is so something I would do and not check to see if something got turned off. But at our house DH would have been blamed!!! Glad its back to working for ya

Christine said...

Bwahahaha! That is totally something I would do, too!!! Glad it was an easy "fix". :D