Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Its Tuesday...

And day 5 of having no refrigerator, as it totally died last week. Well, I take that back...we have a walk in fridge attached to the kitchen....its called the garage! Its not too bad, but a bit of a hassle. We do have a chest freezer in the garage as well, so we have food, but we still had to toss a ton of stuff that was thawed in the fridge/freezer. We don't have a dime to spend on getting it repaired right now, let alone a new one, so I'm REALLY hoping that some tips DH's uncle gave me last night will do the trick to get it running. (Basically vacuuming out the compressor). Send me cold vibes for the fridge. For once I WANT it to stay cold outside and am thankful for the winter weather, LOL.

This past Sunday we had a family gathering with my moms side of the family- kind of a belated Christmas party but also a birthday party for my grandma. I didn't feel it at the time but since then its just really made me miss my mom. For some reason today I just REALLY miss her. One thing about my mom was that she had TONS of clothes....she loved to shop and saved everything, so seeing that me, my grandma, aunt and sisters are all close to the same size and my mom had a variety of sizes...we split quite a bit of clothing between all of us. Some of it was even brand new...with tags. Yeah....she loved to shop and had nice stuff too! So by coincidence we ALL (me, sisters, aunt, g-ma) were wearing something of my moms at the party. We definitely didn't plan it, but it was kind of funny when we realized. Sort of made it feel like she was there somehow.

Elise is going to be FIVE in two weeks (the 30th)!! I can't believe she is that old already! I'm frustrated though, because I can't figure out when to have a party for her and its so close already. I wish I had the $$ to have a big party with her class, but I just don't. The problem is that my nephew's birthday is two days before hers and his party is Sunday. We could do a combined party with all BIL's family there, but I don't know if that would be too weird or not. We know them and all, but I can't decide. The following Sunday is Super Bowl so that was sort of declined too. I suck at planning parties.

KJ is such a little man already. He talks SO much. Just now he was asking "Mama pay hockey-me" (play hockey with me). Which consisted of using a toy hammer for the stick and a pretend nut for the puck. Its sort of golf-hockey. The boy got FOUR different toy tool sets for Christmas. Oiy! He is getting a stubborn side which I don't like but otherwise he is very sweet, almost always happy and eager to hug and cuddle and even says please and thank you! Seriously he's the perfect little boy (I'm sure I'm biased though). I need to get some pictures off my camera to share, I've been a slacker at that too lately. Ok...off to find lunch and try to motivate myself to get some housework done.

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Christine said...

Hope you come up with a suitable fridge solution. But like you said, the silver lining around the cloud is that it is winter. Can you imagine it happening during the summer?? UGH