Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching up...

Today was a day of getting a bunch of errands out of the way that I'd been procrastinating. The first was my annual Dr's appt. The one I was overdue for.... Well, I didn't see my actual doc, but a newer female in the office and she was AWESOME!! I'm thinking I might switch to her permanently. And I'm happy to report that my cervix looks normal...no visible polyps!! Whew...now I just have to wait for the report to come back, but thus far, I've never had abnormal results so I'm now feeling reassured that I'm not immediately dying or anything. :)

After the docs, we stopped at my MIL's as we were out that way and hadn't visited in a while. Then it was off to the DMV to renew my expired tabs. Yikes! I had totally forgotten about it and they were expired two weeks ago. It feels good to be legal now! Then we stopped at the Big Lots next door to the DMV and got a few good deals on some grocery items. They have a decent selection of organic/natural products for WAY cheaper than I can get them anyplace else. For instance I found Annie's mac n' cheese for $1/box. Then it was off to Kohl's to return 4 things that I didn't fit right that I'd ordered online in a spending frenzy last month. I grabbed two things for Elise that were on clearance on the way out but I'd like to go back without the kids again to get more for moi! You know...I did just return $54 to my Kohls charge card, so that means I have $$ to spend now right?!?

The best part...was that my kids were GREAT the whole day we were out!! And pretty cute to boot! KJ was a total flirt and ham everywhere we went. The downside was that as soon as we made it home, they both completely fell apart and were a fighting, screaming mess. But hey....it was kind of understandable and nothing bedtime didn't solve a short while later, ha!

DH should be home any minute now. It was his first shift of work as an "official" employee! Yep...he is officially hired in now. It really doesn't mean too many changes right now, but at least his job and hours are guarenteed and he is eligible for benefits in 30 days. I think a little wine might be in order!

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Kristin said...

I did that same thing! I was on time with the registration...but a MONTH overdue on the inspection! I was totally asking for it and was so afraid of getting pulled over.

I finally got it done though...and the feeling of driving around totally legal is a nice feeling! I still freak when I see a cop..but then remember that I don't have to be afraid anymore!