Sunday, August 10, 2008


Excuse me! *Pbbbbtzzz*, *sniff*, wipe, wipe. Oh pardon the snot.

It seems we picked up a little more than just sun at the amusement park. I came home from work this morning with the beginnings of a brewing cold/sinus thing going on and was greeted by two sick kidlets as well. Niice. E has had a fever off and on, but it goes right down with Tylenol or Motrin. She did nothing but lay on the couch or in bed all day and was obviously miserable. KJ was determined to be/act as sick as sissy was for attention reasons, but by tonight he is quite congested and very well may succeed in his endeavors by morning. He wouldn't cooperate for me to take him temp, but he doesn't feel too warm to the good ol' hand and cheek "mom-ometer". I am hoping for miraculous good health by morning. I think I'm gonna go look for some tea to soothe my throat since I'm thinking about it. Ciao.

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