Saturday, August 09, 2008


I got burned. Sunburned that is. Thursday the I took the kids to an amusement park about an hour from home that also has a water park. There was way too much to do in just one day. I think next time we will have to plan a two day trip to really see and do everything. Although, my kids are a bit young too, so waiting till they are a bit older and a few inches taller for more rides would be a good idea. SO anyhow.... back of my neck and shoulders are quite pink and sore and it kinda hurts to move. I guess I didn't get that spot good enough with sunscreen...or too late anyway.

Today is DH's B-day so we had some cake and gift giving. Unfortunately I have to work tonight though. At least it will help pay the bills and cover the cost of that new camera I ordered though!!!

Yep....I finally am getting a DSLR. Barring any last minute freakouts like last time when I returned the one I bought and went for my current (so-so P&S) camera, I should be like a kid at Christmas in a few days. I'll keep ya posted on that one!

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