Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just another day...

Last night I was driving home from a family gathering with my sisters and step-dad. We were having our (almost) weekly dinner gathering. We were also celebrating my step-dads birthday which is today (9/11). I drove home on a full, warm happy belly topped with cherry pie and whipped cream and two nodding children in the back of the van. It was peaceful, blissful even perhaps. I felt quite blessed. I started thinking about the date and how 7 years ago on Sept. 10th, our whole nation was in a sense "blissful". My heart was aching thinking about it and I was caught off guard with my own emotions.

The day is almost over now and I'm happy to report a good day. I was still brought to tears by reading the memories of that 9/11 day from a group of ladies that I chat with daily online. They are scattered all over the US and few beyond our borders. It was special to read everyone's accounts of that day, especially those so personally effected and close to NYC, but its incredibly humbling. Seven years *sounds* so long ago especially when we look at our children who were not even born then, but I'm so glad that we still remember and can share that day. Especially in light of all the political divisiveness (heck even in my own home) that we are bombarded with, I only wish there was something equally positive that could bring our nation and world together the way it came together then.

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