Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Catching up....

There was a bunch of stuff I was going to post about. Mostly stuff about the kids and things we did the past week or so and all the pictures to go along with it. But alas, I never got around to it and now there are other pressing things. I will recap just for my own recollections though. I'll still try to add pics later.

On Monday we were on our way to run some errands late in the day and passed by an open house at the local firestation. The kids were ELATED to stop and get to spray a real firehose and climb around in the trucks. And then you can't forget the free cookies. I was so glad we happened to drive by!

Tuesday was my Dads birthday so we all had a wonderful dinner at my sisters house to celebrate.

Wednesday was a totally rainy day and poor Elise had a big field trip to a farm that day. Fortunately they managed to stay mostly dry and all was well.

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